Look at the most frequently asked questions regarding custom inflatable paddle board, fitness aqua bag and inflatable gymnastics air trick. The process is very intricate and it is only natural for someone to have a lot questions, both general and specific, about the procedures. These FAQ’s will explain why a custom good will suit your needs better than any goods you may find on the rack on the net or in your local shop.

Q: Do you make inflatable paddle board, fitness aqua bag and inflatable gymnastics air trick?

A: Yes! Supzoom has designed and built inflatable products for about 8 years.

Q: How can I get one of your boards?

A: Supzoom inflatable products are sold online store, and most of our orders are directly from the customer. You can submit your contact info and your custom requirements to us, and we’ll take it from there.

Q: Can I get a board other than the models shown on the site?

A: Yes! Through the custom consultation and ordering process you can work with us on a completely new design built just for you. And don’t forget to ask about other designs that Supzoom may have worked on in the past, or may be working on for the future. The design process never ends.

Q: Can I order a custom board through the website? 

A: Yes! It only requires a consultation by email or fill out our contact form to get the custom inflatable product process started.

Q: Is the look of the products on the website exactly what I would get if I were to order a model?

A: Yes! The products on the site are all the orders that represent what we either have done, or can do. But you’re warm welcome to ask for custom orders, and your imagination is the only limit here.

Q: How would I get a product delivered to me if I don’t live in the region?

A: We ship goods all over the world, You name it, and we’ll get your goods to you rapidly! We pack for the rigors of shipping, and insure them to get to your doorstep as safely as possible.

Q: How would I know if a board design is best suited for me?

A: Send us an email, we’ll walk you through the process of design, making sure that you get the right product for your skill level and physicality. Design and overall volume are two key ingredients to getting fit properly, and we’re here to help make sure you do.

Major factors that will dictate what is right for you include skill level, experience, height, weight, and most importantly, the intended use of the inflatable paddle board, fitness aqua bag and inflatable gymnastics air trick.

Q: Do I get a fin, or a set of fins with my board?

A: Yes! There are 3 fins together with your paddle board, 2 accessory fin and 1 main fin.

Q: How do I follow where the store will be? 

A: Follow us on Facebook at:@supzoom01, or subscribe to our blog for current updates (all of our links are on- site).