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Supzoom News

  • Environmental protection
    March 15, 2022

    Environmental Protection - Planting Trees

    We love the outdoors, but it is being destroyed, trees are being burned and felled at an alarming rate, and many creatures are disappearing…How trees affect us?CLIMATETrees help cool the planet by sucking in and storing harmful greenhouse gases like...

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  • Inflatable paddle board
    March 9, 2022

    How Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Made

    Here is the inflatable paddle board factory of Supzoom, welcome! Look, These are the inflatable paddle board dwf material that are sent to Supzoom.Cutting, printing, fitting all accessories, machine testing, quality inspection, packaging, here is the process of making the inflatable...

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  • shark inflatable paddle board
    March 5, 2022

    Top 10 Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

    Review of supzoom all around inflatable paddle board | DIVEIN SUPZOOM designed the 10’6″ All Round Paddle Board for a fun day out on the water, and it certainly delivered on that front. Everything you need to get on the...

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  • Various paddle board types
    August 31, 2021

    Various paddle board types

    All round All-round board is the most popular and most versatile SUP type, mainly for cruises in lakes or calm ocean bays. The all-round paddle board is very stable, suitable for beginners and children. Depending on their size and shape,...

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  • Paddle board accessories
    August 11, 2021

    Paddle board accessories

    A set of paddle board sports equipment is divided into: Paddle boards: The paddle boards are divided into ALL-ROUND, SURF, TOURING, RACING, YOGA,  you can choose according to your needs. Caudal Fin: Caudal fin can increase water control and stability....

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  • What is a paddle board?
    August 5, 2021

    What is a paddle board?

    Let's play something different this summer-Paddle Board. When it comes to paddle boards, some friends may confuse it with surfboards. Although the paddleboards are similar to surfboards, the paddleboards are not surfboards! The ease of maneuverability of the paddle board...

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