Inflatable paddle board

How Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Made

Here is the inflatable paddle board factory of Supzoom, welcome!
inflatable paddle board

Look, These are the inflatable paddle board dwf material that are sent to Supzoom.Cutting, printing, fitting all accessories, machine testing, quality inspection, packaging, here is the process of making the inflatable paddle boards.We complete all the production of inflatable paddle boards here.
Inflatable paddle board material

Many riders may not know that each inflatable paddle board is assembled by hand, so it is very important to check and test the assembly process. Today we will talk about the important tests in the production process of the inflatable paddle board.First we test every part seriously and then assemble them.After the first layer of inner wall is completed, The testing is very important  , which means we must inflate to 15psi in order to test them.The first test is about depth of parallelism and the height of turning up,which should be kept between 22 and 24cm.This leads to less resistance, more flexibility and speed performance.

inflatable paddle board test
The second test is about the level difference, which should be kept between 0.7 and 0.8. Because it can ensure the best balance point when people stand on the paddle board.

inflatable paddle board test

The third test is that we set the paddle board for 12 hours to see if it leaks or not. In conclusion, these three tests can make sure the quality of the inflatble paddle board.
inflatable paddleboard
Here are some other tests, after the seconed layer of inner wall is completed, which is a decoration and protection for the inner layer.

Double layer inflatable paddle board

Next is the D-ring, tail fin,carry handle and the Anti-slip footpad bonding , the Anti-slip footpad has undergone a number of tests to ensure its anti-aging and abrasion resistance.

Inflatable paddle board with Anti-slip footpad and D-ring

At last, it needs to stand for 6 hours to observe whether the adhesive failure. All unqualified products will be strengthened . The above is to make it more reliable and more beautiful.
inflatable paddleboarding
For the last two tests, we will deal with the glue that overflows the standard area, and inspect of the appearance of the product completely once again.

Finally comes to packaging, and then it finished.
paddle board
We will deliver these paddle boards to everywhere in the world by water and air. Our warehouses are located in the United States and Canada. With these delivery methods and warehouses, we can deliver these paddle boards faster and the after-sales and consultation are easier,too.

Supzoom provide the highest five-year warranty30-day returns, free shipping on all paddleboards, which is the greatest guarantee for customers.Put your faith in Supzoom, not just performance, we honour our promises to each customer.


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