Canadian spots for paddleboarding

Five spectacular spots for SUP trips in Canada (BC and Alberta)

Inflatable paddleboard creates a new lifestyle,Whether you want to sunbathe, fish, exercise, or just have fun with friends,There are plenty of places in Canada where you can experience the fun of stand up paddle.

Inflatable paddleboards

Canada is known for its breathtaking nature views. With 48 national parks, 3 oceans, and an abundance of lakes, it is no doubt an outdoor paradise. If you live in Canada or plan to visit, we’ve put together a list for you to cruise along on your SUP. Trust us, every spot is worth the time.

1.Moraine Lake

Located in Alberta, right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Moraine Lake the one of the most photographed lakes in North America. It has beautiful emerald water and surrounded by snow-capped peaks. You can bring your own SUP or rent it at a local shop.  
Moraine Lake

2.Lake Louise

The must-visit lake in Banff, Alberta, with breathtaking panoramic view. It is a popular tour destination through four seasons, and open for canoe, kayaks and paddle boards in summer.

Lake Louise

Maligne Lake

A beautiful and peaceful lake located in Jasper National Park. It has calm waters and scenic view. There’s a bit of hike up to the lake, so it’s normally quieter than Lake Louise. It is a perfect spot for beginners to fall in love with stand-up paddling, and a fantastic location for trying SUP yoga and other board exercises.


4.Haida Gwaii

As the dream location of many outdoor enthusiasts, British Columbia offers many breathtaking paddle boarding spots. Haida Gwaii is ranked high among wildlife lovers. It is an archipelago off the west coast of BC, consisting diverse ecosystems in dramatic landscapes. Haida Gwaii is a favorable spot for experienced paddlers, as they can focus on sightseeing and looking for wild animals along the paddle trip.


5.Deep Cove

Located in Vancouver, BC, it is a calm lake with long beaches. If you are planning for a family day, this is the spot for you. It is close to downtown Vancouver, and a great place for picnic. You can bring your kids and dogs along with you, and enjoy the beautiful day!



This blog contains information on the best places to paddle. That doesn't mean it's comprehensive, or the full list of locations, but it's a pretty good list that we'd love to share with you so you can plan your adventures. So before visiting any of these locations, it’s best to do your research. Ask yourself, what is the weather like? Where are the entry points? Is my skill level appropriate for these point to visit? What equipment do I need to bring? whether it is suitable for driving? whether there are parking restrictions in the lake area, etc.If you are visiting these locations for the first time, it is recommended that you go with some friends.

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