Our Story

Supzoom was founded to provide all level paddlers with trendy,unique and all round inflatable paddle boards. Every paddler deserves a high performance iSUP board that fits like clothing.

The history of Supzoom

Back in 1988, an eight-year-old boy diagnosed with mild mild anxiety disorder got his long-lost peace on a water trip, his name is Michael. 22 years later, he founded his own material factory. The busy and stressful work life consumed him and he was desperate to find an exit. “When I saw a boat floating on the lake, I knew that was my answer immediately.” The serene moment reminded Michael of the same feeling he had 22 years ago, no stress, no fear,just inner peace.

Michael then started his market research with his team, and the First generation iSUP board was brought to life within 2 months.

We can’t find an inflatable paddleboard that suits our needs..
So we created iSUP great for all purposes.

A standard inflatable paddleboard should have enough hardness and torsion, but also light in weight. To achieve that, it is necessary to use top notch materials and technique. We insist on using the best DWF drop stitch technique, advanced equipment and a comprehensive quality control system during manufacturing. A paddleboard with high performance should have stability, agility, bearing capacity, and the ability to perform under multi circumstances. Supzoom values each aspect of the paddleboard’s performance, and try our best to make optimizations. We test each board series with professional equipment and in water paddle tests by all-level paddlers before they are available on market.

In the past 10 years, we have been designing, testing, and optimizing every part of our paddleboard, and we are committed to provide the best experience for paddlers from all levels.

We can’t find a inflatable paddleboard that we like..
This is why we created Supzoom brand.

With the capability of manufacturing high performance paddleboard, Supzoom design team has combined their passion for design and eyes for beauty with technical performance, bringing each board to perfection. We had an incredible season last year, Supzoom created over 100 full-size printing design. Although full-size printing takes 3 to 5 times more processing time than regular design, and requires meticulous control of the supply chain, we still managed to achieve it. Supzoom is the only iSUP board brand that combines innovation, design and manufacture all in one. We are committed to offering everyone a SUPboard of their dreams.

Why iSUP?

Inflatable paddleboard creates a new lifestyle, leading more people to experience outdoor life.
Inflatable paddleboard connects life together, including families, friends, kids, and pets. It is a new social trend.
Inflatable paddleboard are being used for yoga, fishing, touring, racing, and surfing. It is a great way to release stress and also experience the world.

Why Supzoom?

Choosing a paddleboard is choosing a lifestyle. Choosing Supzoom is choosing an life attitude. ISUP belongs to everyone, and it shouldn’t be ordinary. The idea has been deeply rooted in Supzoom brand objective through the past 10 years, and we wish everyone can find their own attitude toward lifestyle.

-We value personal experience
Supzoom values your personal opinion when designing our new series. Join our Facebook community Fun with SUP - Paddlleboarding Lovers Community and let us know what you think!

-Feedback and professional support
We all would like to get our board from a company that’s credible and keeps its words. Supzoom offers a 5-year warranty, which is the highest among industry standards. We also honour the relationship between brands and customers. Please leave us any feedbacks or simply share your experience, Supzoom will reply to every single question with suggestions.

-Advocate safe paddling and environmental protection
We advocate safety first. Pick the right paddleboarding location, wear safety equipments, and be aware of basic water self-rescue knowledge to ensure your safety on a paddle trip.
We also care for environmental protection. Bring a garbage bag on your SUP trip, and let’s create a sustainable environment together.

Put your faith in Supzoom, not just performance, we honour our promises to each customer.

Supzoom is just the beginning..