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Half A Minute Supboard Rescue Skill, Get it Now!

Step1 Turn over the paddle board

After you use the paddle to paddle near the rescued person, hold the paddle and push it to the rescued person after you falling into the water, place the paddle between you and the person in distress, and make sure the rescued person in the middle of the side of the paddle

Then turn over the board surface and face the back of the board upward. Be sure not to cross the supboard to approach the rescued person

inflate sup board

Step2 Pull the rescued person on the inflatable board

Grasp the rescued person and pull him / her to yourself with both hands. Don't let go. The most easy way to pull the rescued person on the board is that use your own body as a lever to help turn the paddleboard and rescued person. When the board is turned, the body of the rescued person is perpendicular to the board.

SUP board

Pay attention to avoid losing the paddle during rescue. If the rescued person is heavy, you can pull the elbow then stand and tilt back to extend the lever arm. This rescue method is mainly applicable to rescue conscious drowning people.

Step3 Settling and fixing the rescued person

At this moment, you need to fix your hand directly under the head of the rescued person to leave an air passage for them to breathe. Then grab their legs, rotate the rescued person's body and lay it flat on the supboard. At the same time, the condition of the rescued person is very unstable on the inflatable paddle board, so use your arms to fix and hold the rescued person's legs. It is very important to keep the rescued person stable.

inflatable board


Step4 Ask for support

Controlling and fixing the body of the person continuously, and go to the board to send a distress signal to the surrounding people and ask for the support of the surrounding people.

 At the same time, row to the nearest coast or safety zone for further help.

Attention please

When you encounter a person in drowning, you must row over as soon as possible. Generally , when a person is drowning, he or she only has no more than 60 seconds to send out distress signals and actions.

Therefore, while you are rowing towards the drowning person, you need to encourage them to insist on survival.

Another Important Notice

Key points: when rescuing others, the life safety of rescuers is the first and most important. So don't try it if you haven't accepted a professional supboard rescue training !

 As a beginner, here is more helpful tips for you!

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