Inflatable paddle board with kids

Tips on Paddle Boarding with Your Kids

Stand up paddleboarding is a great activity for families to spend time together outdoor. With fresh air, sunlight, and plenty of body exercises, it is a stress releasing and fun experience. Paddling with kids will improve their balance and strength, connect them with nature at a young age, and build their confidence in water sports. However, getting kids to be interested in paddle boarding and entertained can be a bit challenging. We have put together safety tips and ways to teach your kids paddle boarding.

kids inflatable paddle board

Before SUP trip:

1.Get the Right Paddle board

• We recommend you having your child sit on the same SUP board with you if they are less than 5 years old,and make sure the board is the right load capacity.

For example, I weigh 180 lbs, the child weighs 60 lbs, and the other items weigh 20 lbs, so a total 260 pounds of weight.Usually the All round10'6'' version of the paddle board has a weight range of up to 275 lbs, you can use this as a reference.
inflatable paddle board with kids

• For kids who can paddleboarding alone,make sure the board is the right size.
Larger size paddlesboard require better strength for long paddling and you don't want your child to get tired after 10 minutes, so it's important to choose a paddle size that's just for kids. 8'paddle board is designed for kids, and it’s the perfect step into independence on the water for kids from ages 5 and up.Someone in the group asked if the 10'6'' all-around paddle board is suitable for children? The board weighs about 25 lbs, which is can be great fit if your kids can carry it. Also, your child needs a suitable paddle, if his/her height is less than 130 cm, a special paddle for children is recommended.lastly, choose a fun color and graphic that kids will enjoy more.

kids paddleboards
2.Your Child Must Know How to Swim

When first getting on a paddle board, they can fall a lot, so your first priority should be getting them to love water. This will ease their fears. Children should not be allowed to step on a paddle board without learning to swim.To get your kids comfortable with water, it is ideal to teach them how to swim first.
multi-person paddle board

3.Important safe tips

• Check the forecast first,choose a good weather to travel.

• Practicing water safety and how to react when accidents happen is important too.If condition allow, let your children practice standing up on the board and jump off into water in the pool.After falling into the water, they must learn how to get back on the paddle. 

• If your child can't get back on the board,Can you physically put your child back on the board while not falling in yourself?

• Regardless of age, they always wear life jackets and then have their ankel leash,They can save lives.

• For kids old enough to paddling alone, let an adult know where they are headed.

 Remember that kids will always get wet and/or dirty! Remember to bring dry/warm clothes and bath towels. This will get you home comfortably.

paddle falling into water

Before getting into water:

1.Start with an easy point

Pick a calm lake instead of turbulent river to make it easier for little kids to sit still on the board. It will be a great opportunity for you to teach your kids new facts about nature around you and helps to build confidence, do not let the child be intimidated at the beginning.

paddleboard with kids
2.Preparation before entering the water

 If your paddle has a lashing area, put snacks and water in a waterproof bag and secure in the lashing area for a floating lunch.

 It is also important to apply sunscreen to young paddlers and to wear a sunscreen shirt.

 You should set a good example and bring life jackets and ankel leash on the paddle trip,and dress them properly according to temperature..

After entering the water:

1.Get the Right Practice

 If you want, give them some time to practice getting comfortable on the board, and you can start paddling with your child. They can sit behind you and follow what you're doing.

 Change from sitting to kneeling position, first practice how to paddle properly.

 Encourage him to stand up, mastering balance is not easy, appreciate your child's efforts. Praise them when they do the right thing. This builds their confidence.
2.Have fun with kids

The novelty of paddling will wear off quick for most little ones! Here are some tips to keep your kids entertained during your paddling:

 Try to listen to the children, avoid long paddling, if tired, take a proper rest and enjoy the food.

 Maintain communication with children, encourage them when they experience setbacks.

 Capture beautiful moments with your camera,they'll want to come back another day.

paddle board

Don't forget to bring a garbage bag on your SUP trip, and let’s create a sustainable environment together.Have a nice SUP trip with your kids!  

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