SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga is a wonderful combination of Stand Up Paddle and Yoga. Enjoy the lightness of floating in the water. Surrounded by fresh air, sunshine and natural beauty, this has surpassed any gym or yoga studio.

Compared with ground yoga, paddle board yoga is much more difficult. The buoyancy and stress points of water are not uniform, which can easily lead to imbalance and fall into the water. Therefore, paddle board yoga exercises our balance ability. At the same time, paddle board yoga is of great help in adjusting people's body posture and spine curvature to reshape the body line. Of course, it can also help us better integrate into nature and enter the state of meditation faster and better. There are many benefits for modern urbanites in the hustle and bustle of the city.


Next, let’s learn about the benefits of paddle board yoga.

Ten benefits of paddle yoga

  1. More quality. Since the paddle board is floating in the water, more core power needs to be used. It is more challenging than traditional yoga. Your entire consciousness must revolve around maintaining balance. On the lake, practice requires more concentration and hard work.
  2. Asanas are more precise. Even the most basic asanas, your yoga asanas will become more precise. For example, if you do a downward dog pose on the paddle board, it will be difficult to maintain your balance if your limbs are not evenly exerted. So the paddle board will remind you to make asanas more precise.
  3. More calm. The lightness of floating in the water can reduce our heavy feelings in life.
  4. Focus more on Ujiayi Throat breathing method, which is commonly used breathing method in paddle yoga. When you are on the lake, your breathing is integrated with the lake, and you can relax completely.
  5. Full of courage and strength. Stand-up paddle board yoga allows practitioners to have the experience of walking in the water. The possibility of falling into the water will prompt the practitioner to concentrate fully on the asanas and breathing, and fully focus on the present, letting go of fear. When you finish your practice, you will truly feel refreshed and full of energy.
  6. More interesting. The novelty in the practice can increase the motivation and pleasure of the practice. Although there are many asanas and types of yoga, it is easy to fall into stereotypes when practicing in the same environment. Bring your SUPZOOM paddle board, come to practice in the water, you will find the novelty and excitement of practice.
  7. It is the little fear of falling into the water that provides us with enough adrenaline to keep the whole training process focused and active. This can also combat the side effects of sleepiness, exhaustion, and slack caused by the stress of our lives.
  8. Learn to start again. If you fall into the water, you must return to the board and start again. This is a portrayal of life. The sooner you can let go of your fear, the more you can enter a state of free practice.
  9. More challenging. When you use the paddle board as a yoga mat, the chance of making mistakes is greatly reduced. If you want to improve the quality of yoga practice, just pick up the paddle board and get into the water to start.Let’s do it!!!
  10. Most importantly, more beautiful! Full of fresh air and sunshine. The natural beauty of the environment has surpassed any gym or yoga studio. Yoga has the meaning of unity and integration. Practicing yoga in a natural environment is the true integration of man, nature and the universe.

Take your SUPZOOM paddle board, try the yoga!

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