What is a paddle board?

What is a paddle board?

Let's play something different this summer-Paddle Board. When it comes to paddle boards, some friends may confuse it with surfboards. Although the paddleboards are similar to surfboards, the paddleboards are not surfboards!

The ease of maneuverability of the paddle board and the diversity of its gameplay have made this water sport popular all over the world. It is a healthy aerobic experience, and suitable for all ages. It is also a water sports suitable for beginners.

What is a paddle board?

Paddle board surfing (SUP) is also known as stand up paddle board. Initially, the surfing instructor managed many students, because standing upright on the surfboard can get a better view, which is convenient for observing the surrounding situation, and it is also conducive to the waves coming from a distance.

The source of the paddle board

The sport of paddle board originated from paddle board surfing in Hawaii, USA in the 1960s. In recent years, it has gradually become popular around the world. SUP paddle board has become one of the most popular water sports. The full name is Stand Up Paddle, or SUP for short. So paddle board players are SUPER !

The operation of the paddle board is simple and diverse. You can lie down, kneel, sit, stand, and jump into the water to swim at any time. It is precisely because of its high participation and low threshold that even novice players can get started immediately. The people involved in paddle boarding can range from children to the elderly, and even your pet dog can also play together.

The paddle board is wider and thicker, so it has more buoyancy, making it easier for players to grasp the balance. It is also equipped with paddles, so you can experience the fun of paddling on various water surfaces.

It is also a pleasure to bathe in the sun with friends, enjoy nature, and at the same time get full-body exercise.

The volume and weight of the paddle board

The paddle board should be selected according to your body size. If the displacement of the board does not match your weight, your board will not be able to float on the water. The volume and load capacity of the board are two very important reference factors when choosing a paddle board.

Volume: The volume of the board can be expressed in liters. The buoyancy generated by the volume of the board makes the board capable of carrying heavy objects. The larger the volume of the board, the higher the weight it can carry.

A short board can have good buoyancy if it is wide and thick. Similarly, if the long board is narrow and thin, the buoyancy is not good. Therefore, if a 200-pound surfer wants to surf, he can choose a short board with good operability but a relatively large volume (wide and thick).

Loading capacity: Each board has a certain load capacity. Knowing the load capacity of the board is very important. If your weight is too heavy for your board, then your board will sink in the water and it is not easy to paddle.

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