Mainland China Reality Show for supzoom isup yoga teaching

Supzoom Paddle boards featured in Mainland China Reality Show

As the world’s fastest growing water sport, paddle boarding is beloved by enthusiasts from North America to Europe. Riders stand up on the board and move through water with a paddle. You can do all sorts of activities on a SUP, such as touring, fishing, yoga, and racing. Recently, the heat swept over Mainland China and has introduced the sport to the public through a hit reality show “Girls’ Spectacular Journey”. 

we are the friends Reality Show for yoga on inflatable Paddle board

“Girls’ Spectacular Journey” features Cheuk Yin, Tso-Yi Yung, and Chung Ka Lai, who are all female celebrities from Hongkong. The reality show recorded a girls’ trip across different cities in China, showing the adventures, girl’s talk nights, and of course the laughter through their journey. 

Mainland China Reality Show for supzoom yoga inflatable Paddle board

“Girls’ Spectacular Journey” has been receiving tons of good reviews since the first episode. People are touched by their 20-year friendship, and how they help each other through all difficulties and setbacks in both adventures and daily life. 

Mainland China Reality Show for supzoom turle Paddle board rescue skills

In the third episode, the girls tried stand up paddle board for the first time in their lives. Cheuk and Yung were able to get the hang of it in a short time.

Mainland China Reality Show for stand up Paddle board beginner teaching Mainland China Reality Show for supzoom yoga Paddleboards teaching

however, Chung was having a bit of trouble balancing herself after trying and failing a couple times. The girls encouraged her and helped her to stand up in the end. 

Mainland China Reality Show for Paddle board jungle  trip

“Paddle boarding is super fun, and the view is spectacular too. I felt so calm, especially when surrounded by friends.” Says Cheuk after SUP yoga. 

we are the friends Reality Show for Paddle board rescue teaching

Supzoom was lucky enough to be featured in such a heart-warming reality show. The paddle boards appeared in the show are our Turtle Design Board GB royal blue& red Board, and Pink Camouflage Design Board

Mainland China Reality Show for supzoom stand up Paddle board trip

The boards are inflatables 10’6’’ in length and 32” in width, super friendly for SUP beginners. The golden size provides good balance and stability, ensures users a pleasant long-distance rowing experience. The unique and fashionable prints also caught audiences’ attention and are widely liked by the younger generation.  

Longturtleallround10_6_inflatablestanduppaddleboard_Supzoom Allround10_6_inflatablestanduppaddleboard_Supzoompinkcamouflagestyle

SUP is an accessible, affordable way to enjoy the outdoors, workout your body, and connect with friends. The sport is a perfect getaway from busy work life as it takes us to reconnect with the beautiful nature. Instead of thinking about the busy modern world, the only job is to bask in the moment, breath, and paddle on.

The“Girls’ Spectacular Journey”full video can be watched below:      

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