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Electric Air Pump 12V DC Power Source Dual-use Type For Car and Home|Supzoom

Electric Air Pump 12V DC Power Source Dual-use Type For Car and Home|Supzoom


 This 12V DC pewer source electric Air Pump with Preset pressure LCD screen and American standard/European standard plug ,Quickly inflate and deflate for inflatable paddle board,the Inflates up to 20 PSI,  dual-use type for car and home, faster and more effective when pumping up.

Product Parameter:

Product power: 110W
Product size: 25*16*17cm
Product weight: 2KG
Product pressure: 20PSI(1PSI=0.0689BAR)
Power supply type: 12V DC power source
Product noise: <90dB
Product material: ABS+PA
Hose length: 1.1 meter
Wire length: 3 meters
Additional function: LED lighting
Product airflow: low 350L/min, high 50L/min

Operation Instructions

  1. Inflation
  2. Deflation
  3. Nozzle to plug into the valve of inflatable paddle board
  4. Set a pressure value, and then press start button to start work


  • Children shall be kept far away from this product and wire.
  • The applied power source must be the 12V DC power source.
  • Don't make the air pump work for more than 20 minutes, because that motor overheating may cause internal damage; and the air pump shall be fully cooled for 30 minutes after continuously working up to 20 minutes.
  • This product shall not be exposed to the rain or immersed in water.
  • In order to prevent risk, the inflation inlet shall not be forward to face or body.
  • Please store it in the dry and ventilated place.
  • Don't pull out the hose when inflating, because that the high pressure may hurt the physical body.
  • Don't block the air inlet at the bottom of the air pump, and guarantee air inlet to be always unblocked. 
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