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SUPs Starting From $419
SUPs Starting From $419
How to inflate your paddle board - Supzoom Paddle Board Manual

How to inflate your paddle board - Supzoom Paddle Board Manual

Step 1. Please take the hand pump and pump tube out of the accessories bag, then connect them and tighten them clockwise.

Step 2. Open the cap of the air valve anticlockwise(please kindly noted not the whole air valve); Check the white spring button in the middle of the air valve, if it pops up, it is inflated; Otherwise, it is deflated. Press the button to make sure it pops up.

Step 3. Firstly, connect the pump tube to the air valve and fasten it clockwise. Start to inflate, the barometer needle will not move before 5PSi.We recommend inflating until 10-15 psi, which will take about 10 minutes.

Step 4. Unscrew the pump tube anticlockwise and fasten the cap of the air valve clockwise.


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