The Most Comprehensive Paddling Dress Tips

The Most Comprehensive Paddling Dress Tips

For those who love water sports, the hot or cold weather is not enough to become an excuse to stay at home. However, appropriate clothes will make your water trip more convenient in different seasons. Today, we got some tips about the approriate wearing for your reference.

Tips for Summer Wearing

For most people, the paddling journey in summer is definitely a perfect experience. No matter you are the SUP beginner or an experienced paddler, we have made a summary to help you dress like a professional.


·Sports swimsuit·

When paddling, your focus is more on the rowing action and the forward direction of the paddle. In addition, the choice of swimsuit is also a matter you need to pay attention to. The sports swimsuit adopts UV protection technology and quick drying technology, plus excellent fit, which can help you move more freely. Therefore, the sports swimsuit specially designed for swimming and surfing is your ideal choice.

supboard 10'6"

·Sunscreen clothes·

When you paddle and surf alternately in calm waters, the sunscreen clothes can not only protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, but also protect your skin from board friction.

paddleboard sunscreen clothes

·Sunscreen Cream·

We know that strictly speaking, this is not clothing, but we think it is the responsibility to tell you to apply sunscreen cream before using sup, this will give your skin more protective and more peace of mind. It is quite important when you go outside in summer to apply the sunscreen cream.

supboard 10'6"


Hats may be a personal preference, but when rowing long distances in the sun, hats may be a better way to cover your cheeks and keep your head cool. Make sure the hat fits your head circumference and won't be blown away by the wind.

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·Polarized sunglasses·

There is a big difference between polarized sunglasses and non polarized sunglasses. When the sunlight is reflected from the water, it is easy to distract your attention. Polarized sunglasses help eliminate glare and give you a clear line of sight without distraction. Therefore, polarized sunglasses are essential.

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·Wading shoes·

In most cases, you can paddle without shoes. However, if you are paddling in the backwater area or where there are bushes and sundries, you'd better have a pair of wading shoes at hand. When choosing wading shoes, please choose rubber soles, which can produce more friction on the paddles.

Tips for Spring and Autumn Wearing

If you clearly know how to dress in summer, all you have to do in spring and autumn is to improve some equipment on summer necessities, and then you can paddle.

·Correct fabric·

In spring and autumn, you may feel a little cold when you first enter the water. Wear some hygroscopic textiles or woolen sweaters, which dry quickly and can adjust the body temperature with the change of weather. Please note that cotton is not in our consideration, because when cotton becomes wet, it will become wet and will not help regulate body temperature.


The sudden gust of wind brings cold to people. When you paddle in autumn and spring (especially in coastal waters), you are vulnerable to these winds. Windbreaker is an ideal coat to protect you from the cold. It is lighter than ordinary coat and will not make you feel heavy.

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·Rubber boots·

When the water overflows the paddle, the feet can feel the cold tremor more. Rubber boots are a great way to keep your feet warm and dry.

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Tips for Winter Wearing

If you are studying what to wear when paddling in winter, let's take a look at our suggestions. We want to make sure you can handle all kinds of situations when you paddle in winter, and have an good experience to play paddleboard in the cold weather.

·Diving suit·

When the temperature drops suddenly, the right choice is to wear a diving suit. The diving suit designed for cold weather surfing can be well used for standing paddle and paddle surfing. A suitable diving suit can help you maintain your body temperature without affecting your range of motion.

trip supboard

·Waterproof jacket·

If you don't like diving suits very much, please consider choosing warm and waterproof coats. Whether it's paddle fishing or paddle surfing, outdoor sports lovers need to take shelter from the wind and rain in bad weather.

 surf paddleboard

·Rubber boots·

No matter what exercise you do, your feet may get wet, so rubber boots can help you keep your feet dry while rowing without making you feel bulky.

·Rubber gloves·

Cold air will dry your skin. Nothing is worse than cracking your knuckles. Rubber gloves keep your hands warm. You can easily hold the oar and keep your pace.

No matter what season, you should wear appropriate clothes when paddling, which is very important for your SUP experience. Hope all of above tips will be helpful for you, and below more tips will be helpful too, enjoy all of your paddleboard jounery!

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