Various paddle board types

Various paddle board types

All round

All-round board is the most popular and most versatile SUP type, mainly for cruises in lakes or calm ocean bays. The all-round paddle board is very stable, suitable for beginners and children. Depending on their size and shape, they can sometimes be used for yoga, fishing, and even surfing.

The all-rounder is usually about 10'-12'6" long and 30"-34" wide, with a round head.

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SUPZOOM Double Layer DWF Golf Skeleton Joint Design 11'6" Long Inflatable Paddle Board


These boards are designed for long-distance rowing and are generally longer and stable than all-round boards. The longer length makes this type of paddle board easier to paddle. Very suitable for long-distance travel. The large size and faster stroke speed make the cruise board an ideal choice for people with overweight. The large board type, large volume and displacement, can carry more essential items for long-distance travel, such as drinking water, food, clothing, etc.Travel boards are usually 11'-14' long and 28''-32'' wide. Due to the width, floatability and stability of these boards, they are very friendly to beginners.

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Compared to all-round boards, racing boards are usually longer, narrower and have pointed heads. Because racing boards are very narrow, they are not very stable, but they are better for rowing in the water than other paddle boards.

The paddle board competition is divided into two categories: the short distance competition length is 12'6'' and below, the long distance competition length is 14', and the average width: width 24''-27''

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Paddle boards come in various shapes and sizes to suit the ability and weight of the surfer. The smaller the surfboard, the more flexible the surfing, but the more unstable it is, so it is more difficult for beginners. In order to make it easier to catch the waves, many experienced ronin started surfing with paddleboards, especially when the waves were weak and it was difficult to catch the waves with the surfboard. By standing on the board, you can also better feel the impending collapse point, so you can choose the best wave.

The average length of a typical surfboard is 7'-10'5' and the average width is 27''-32''.

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