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Supzoom Mojo Electric Surfboard

Prix d'origine $10,599.00 - Prix d'origine $10,599.00
Prix d'origine
$10,599.00 - $10,599.00
Prix actuel $10,599.00

Quiet & Versatile All Round Type
Supzoom's first all-electric powered surfboard in history - MOJO, with excellent maneuverability. The power mode of the electric drive realizes 0 emissions and 0 noise, 50 minutes of battery life in full speed mode, and convenient battery replacement, bringing you a more comfortable riding experience.

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・Phone: 6042435337

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・Address : 1520 South Mary Ave Sunnyvale, CA, 94087, USA  

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・Phone:+86 57185333051/+86 57187334332

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Electric surfboard

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