Paddleoard Play Tips

Paddleoard Play Tips

Standing skills

It is best to choose calm water, no boats and floating objects around. In the beginning, you will feel that it is easier to kneel on the board than to stand up.

1: The board is placed in shallow water, the paddle is leaning on the edge of the board, and the paddle leaf is inserted into the water. You stand next to the board,

2: Two hands hold the middle part of the edge of the board, and one hand always holds the oar.

3: Kneel on the middle and back of the board, and then lay the paddle flat on the paddle board.

4: Kneel and feel the balance of the board. So that the head of the board will not tilt up, and the tail will not sink into the water.

5: Hold one side of the board firmly with your hand to stabilize it.

6: When you feel ready, stand up with one foot first, then stand up slowly. The standing position is where you kneel. Of course, you can also ask your friend to help you hold the board and make you stand up.

All paddles need to be tested for balance. For example, SUPZOOM 10'6" Alien Style Inflatable Paddle Board, the left and right level height difference is controlled at 0.7-0.8, so as to ensure th reach an optimal balance point on the paddle board. And each product will go through 3 quality inspections to ensure that customers can receive perfect and ideal paddle boards.

Some postures for paddling

Stand paddling

1: Keep your feet as balanced as possible, shoulder-width apart, and stand in the middle of the paddle board.

2: Keep your feet forward, your knees bent, and your back straight.

3: Use your hips to maintain balance, not your upper body.

4: Keep your head and shoulders straight and stable, and use your hips to adjust your body position.

5: Look ahead, don't just stare at your feet.


Sitting and rowing

1: It is easiest to master balance by sitting and rowing. Of course you can also play with fish in the water.

2: Lie on the middle of the paddle board and start paddling with both hands. It’s your show time!

3: Straighten your feet to ensure the smoothness of the stroke.


Kneeling and rowing

1: Use core power to master balance, feel the speed and passion!

2: Kneel on the board with both knees. Adjust your position as needed until you feel the board is stable enough.

3: Keep your head and shoulders straight and stable, and use your legs to adjust your body position.


Lie down and relax

Close your eyes and enjoy the leisurely fun lying on the water! All is quiet, only the sound of running water could be heard. It seems that time has stopped!


Once you have mastered your balance, you can start to enjoy the fun in the water!!!

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