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Top 3 Amazing inflatable stand up paddle board, Cool design, fashion item

Top 3 Amazing inflatable stand up paddle board, Cool design, fashion item

The SUPZOOM all-round paddle board combines the advantages of RACE, TOURING, SURF, etc., suitable for all novice surfers to professional players.
Product Name: Inflatable Paddle Board
Product Type:SUPZOOM-ANM0001
Product Size:10’6”x32”x6”; 320CMx81CMx15CM
Product Weight:12.8KG
Maximum Load:125KG
Maximum Air Pressure:15-20PSI
Cool design, fashion item
Supzoom's pulp board design is unique, and designers continue to create products with a sense of design around youth, fashion and individuality. Full-size printing provides unlimited possibilities for all individual, unique and trendy designs.
We hope that the SUPZOOM paddle board can become a must-have item in your life that makes you fondle admiringly.
We have a professional design team, constantly innovating, looking for wonderful inspirations from all over the world.
It is estimated that 10 new product designs will go online for pre-sale every month.
The main material is reliable and light
Supzoom is made of high-strength and air-tight dwf material. The high rigidity and high pressure resistance provide a use effect comparable to that of a hard board. The material also has more than 10,000 times of flexural resistance, so that the inflatable pulp board has unparalleled portability. . The high airtightness allows the paddle board to be used for 6 months when inflated in a harsh environment.
Functional design features of paddle board
1.SizeThe supzoom all-round paddle board adopts the golden size of 10’6”x32”x6”/ 320CMx81CMx15CM. For novice users, sufficient width provides very good balance and stability.
2.Paddle Board Arc DesignThe 15-degree upturn design of the bow and the length of 320cm ensure the rowing speed and provide users with a very good long-distance rowing experience.
3.EVA:The eva with diamond embossing provides super anti-slip ability.
4.D Ring12 d-ring stickers provide more mounting capacity, and also provide a greater front and rear adjustment distance for the optional seat.
5.Caudal FinEquipped with a main caudal fin and two auxiliary caudal fins. The main tail fin adopts a buckle type, which is safe and easy to install. The uxiliary caudal fin provides better stability, allowing users to quickly turn while maintaining a straight line.
Standard Accessories
The three-stage paddle perfectly integrates the ergonomic design of the East and the West. The length of the paddle can be adjusted according to the user's height and arm span. At the same time, it is made of aluminum to reduce weight and strength, which is more labor-saving and more durable. The universal blade is suitable for all users.
Lashing Device
SUPZOOM lashing device, after fully researching the needs of users, with a minimalist design to facilitate user's easy use, always keep your oars in the safest and most reliable position, and prevent the oars from slipping into the water.
Other Standard Accessories
Other standard accessories include: simple and lightweight backpack, paddle, two-way manual pump, repair kit with valve wrench and repair patch, safety foot strap and waterproof bag.
Optional Accessories
Best partner: Paddle Board Seats and Double-headed Paddles
The paddle board seat is made of environmentally friendly Eva material and breathable groove design, which is soft and comfortable to touch. It not only inherits the comfort of traditional seats, but also has a more concise design. It can be manually loaded and unloaded as needed.
The SUPZOOM paddle board provides a larger seat adjustment range for the seat by increasing the number of D rings, and even two seats can be installed at the same time to provide a more suitable experience.
The double-headed paddle used in conjunction with the seat is especially suitable for use in a sitting state. The two-sided paddling can make the paddling more efficient and keep the direction of advancement unchanged. It is recommended to purchase optional accessories together.
Optional Accessories
Single Shoulder Strap
In addition to the standard accessories (backpack, paddle, two-way manual pump, repair kit, safety foot rope and waterproof bag), SUPZOOM can also be equipped with a single shoulder strap compared to other brand products. Different from other brand products, which need to be matched with 3 straps, SUPZOOM only needs 1 shoulder strap to solve the lifting and carrying of the paddle board, which is simpler and more labor-saving.
Optional Accessories
Electric Air Pump
American standard/European standard plug electric air pump, with digital display, dual-use type for car and home, faster and more effective when pumping up.
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