How to Improve your Paddling by Replacing the different shape of Tail Fin

How to Improve your Paddling by Replacing the different shape of Tail Fin

In previous articles on different tail fin types, we have introduced how different fin quantities, sizes, and shapes can affect the stability, speed, and flexibility of turning for your paddleboard. By adjusting the tail fins, you can achieve different performances for your paddleboard. Today, we will introduce three Supzoom optimized tail fins to help you understand how to improve your paddling performance through these fins.


Supzoom All-Purpose Tail Fin

This is the most common tail fin designed for beginners, which combines the stability, speed, and turning advantages of both swept-back and upright fins. It is an all-purpose fin that helps beginners transition from novice to advanced. It is suitable for surfing and general calm water leisure,cruising, surfing, racing, etc. Once you have tried different paddling techniques with the all-purpose fin and want to improve a specific skill, you will need to replace it with a dedicated tail fin to train and enhance that skill.

All-Purpose Tail Fin 

Supzoom Swept-Back Tail Fin

The swept-back fin design shifts the center of gravity backward, making it easier to paddle in a straight line. Its larger fin area also provides better lateral stability for the paddleboard. This fin combines speed and stability and allows for more efficient straight-line paddling. It is suitable for long-distance cruising and straight-line racing, providing beginners with advanced gameplay, especially for cruising from point A to point B over long distances.

 Swept-Back Tail  Fin

Supzoom Upright Tail Fin

The upright fin is different from the swept-back fin, as most of its area remains above the fin. Due to its smaller area, it generates less resistance and moves faster in the water, thus excelling in speed and maneuverability. It is suitable for ocean racing and downwind and is ideal for those who want to challenge the podium in racing.

 Upright Tail Fin

Can these Tail fins be used with my existing paddleboard? 

Of course, all three fins are compatible with all Supzoom inflatable paddleboards. These three shape of Big tail fin adopts a buckle type, which is safe and easy to install,you only need to install them in the main fin position.
 Detachable and buckle type Tail Fin

How do I choose a tail fin?

  • If you want to continue improving your beginner skills with the all-purpose tail fin, we recommend having 2-3 all-purpose tail fins in case of damage or loss when you paddleboarding.
  • If you are already an excellent beginner and want to challenge speed or long-distance cruising, we recommend purchasing our swept-back tail fin to train your speed and endurance.
  • If you are an outstanding advanced paddler and want to challenge the podium, we recommend purchasing our upright tail fin, which can help you paddle faster and more effortlessly.
  • If you want to switch between different purposes like leisure, cruising, and racing, we recommend purchasing our tail fin package, which includes 1 all-purpose tail fin, 1 swept-back tail fin, and 1 upright tail fin.

Tail Fin Package
If you have any interesting ideas or questions about paddleboards, please leave a comment and let us know. We will help you solve problems and create more enjoyable paddling experiences.

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